Sell on GCP Marketplace

Market, deliver, and grow sales of your software solutions.

Increase global sales image

Increase global sales

Drive greater awareness and consumption of your solution with enterprise customers — with less investment — by listing it on the Marketplace. Solutions are presented to customers with AI-powered recommendations and alongside popular services while they're building.

Deliver and manage your solutions image

Deliver and manage your solutions

Optimize your solution to deploy to your customer's desired environment, whether GCP or Kubernetes clusters. Create a listing page, monitor usage, push updates, and provide support, all from within GCP Marketplace's management portal.

Go to market with Google image

Go-to-market with Google

Align yourself with a trusted leader in the cloud, get access to co-marketing activities, and get insights into who is using your solutions so you can drive more profitable interactions.

Sell your Kubernetes applications on Anthos

Build once, customers use anywhere

You build once, customers use anywhere

Kubernetes applications can be deployed to Anthos in the cloud or on-premises, or to Kubernetes clusters hosted in other cloud or on-premises environments.

Ease deployment for your customers

Ease deployment for your customers

Free up your resources so they can build the next generation of your offering. Kubernetes applications feature deployment templates and default configurations, not just container images, so self-service deployment is easier.

Simplify billing and management

Simplify billing and management

Usage metering follows the application, no matter where it is deployed. Plus, you can meter on the metric that makes sense for your solution: API calls, number of hosts, storage per month, and more. Listing and updating your solution is self-service through the Partner Portal, with a short validation process from the GCP team.


Exposure to enterprise customers

GCP Marketplace receives millions of visits per year from interested customers. Your solution can be highlighted on featured shelves, surfaced to customers via AI-powered recommendations, and presented in Marketplace pop-up windows alongside GCP services within the console.

Co-marketing activities

Present with Google at conferences, publish press releases, create a co-branded website, get access to our marketing studio for predefined templates to create assets, and more.

Kubernetes applications

GCP Marketplace offers support for Kubernetes-based applications that can be deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or anywhere a customer has a Kubernetes cluster. No matter where the application is deployed, GCP will still own the billing relationship and collect usage charges on your behalf.

Open new revenue streams

GCP offers differentiated technology in categories such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Create new solutions for these services and align your company with Google's growth.

Click-to-deploy integration

Remove deployment barriers for your customers with standardized Google Cloud Deployment Manager templates and preconfigured settings in GCP Marketplace.

Simple billing management

GCP Marketplace saves you the time of setting up a billing relationship with the users of your solution.

Free trials

Offer your solution at no cost to potential customers, so they can try before buying. Trials are flexible and can be offered on many parameters of time and usage.

Solution usage reports

Get daily reports of detailed usage metrics for planning and tracking purposes. Customers who have opted in will be visible by name within reports.

Dedicated solution page

You can build a page on GCP Marketplace for each solution you offer, where you feature your value propositions, documentation, video, architecture diagrams, and support contact information.

Flexible pricing models

Offer customized pricing for predefined periods of time to individual customers.

Sales funnel with GCP Marketplace

Steps you can take to support your solution along the customer buying journey.





  • Co-selling activities
  • GCP sales team
  • SEO/AdWords
  • Press release
  • Guest blog
  • Joint solution landing page with GCP Marketplace branding and button
  • Pre-built, customizable assets
  • Google Cloud event sponsorship
  • Your solution page with value propositions and documentation
  • YouTube video demo
  • Case study
  • Sales credits for customers
  • Customer credits for events
  • Free trials — time or value based
  • Track leads and conversion with Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes
  • Easy solution deployment
  • Support for subscriptions (beta)

When customers deploy your solution, you receive:

Prospective partner go-to-market guide

Review the resources and guidance provided to Partners who list their solution on GCP Marketplace covering building, listing, developing, and promoting.

As our customers move more toward the cloud, it's critical for us to have partners like Google to make deploying our software easy and straightforward. Having our solutions available on GCP Marketplace makes it easy for customers to deploy and grow their usage of Pulse Secure products.

Nick Vale, Sales and Business Development Manager, Pulse Secure


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