Enterprise procurement with Google Cloud Marketplace

Spend smart, procure fast, and help your development team succeed.

Improve your It solution buying

Improve your IT solution buying experience

Google Cloud Marketplace offers a breadth of integrated solutions that are vetted by Google against security vulnerabilities to cover your enterprise’s IT needs. Scale your procurement process and shift your energy to high-value tasks while getting the right solutions into the right hands when they need it most.

Development ally

Be a development ally

Enable development and facilitate governance, while providing solutions that are vetted by Google against security vulnerabilities. Pick from solution options that can integrate with Google Cloud, on-premises, and even multi-cloud projects with Anthos that help you avoid vendor lock-in.

Spend smart

Spend smart

Negotiate with partners, take advantage of flexible billing models, and retire Google Cloud committed spend with most transactions through Google Cloud Marketplace. All spend on solutions purchased from Google Cloud Marketplace are added into your existing Google Cloud invoice, so you receive just one bill from Google.

Procure and fulfill fast

Procure and fulfill fast

Accelerate the procurement process for you and your teams. You may be able to purchase without the need for an internal vendor review if Google is already one of your preferred partners. Create a scalable and repeatable procurement process with deployments that are integrated with Google Cloud.


Production-ready solutions

Create apps for virtually any use case with solutions provided by commercial partners, open source projects, and Google.

Private Catalog

Private Catalog enables control over solution usage and makes internal enterprise solutions easily discoverable.

Anthos applications

Avoid vendor lock-in with Anthos apps that can be deployed anywhere.

Vendor support

Vendor support is included with most commercial solutions.

Private pricing

Get individualized solution pricing quotes with private pricing.

Subscription pricing

Subscription and usage-based billing models fit various business needs.

Free trials

Match solution expectations with reality with free trials.

Single bill

Remove the need for separate billing agreements since Google is the seller of record for Google Cloud Marketplace products.

Google Cloud integration

Remove deployment headaches with solutions that are tightly integrated with Google Cloud and feature one-click deployments.

Enterprise procurement with Google Cloud Marketplace

Procurement evaluates pricing options and creates an agreement with a partner (if negotiated). Development team accesses the solution from Google Cloud Marketplace to fulfill.@Development team identifies an IT need and alerts procurement.Procurement goes to Google Cloud Marketplace, a central location where they can evaluate solutions.


Enterprise customers use Google Cloud Marketplace to procure solutions from partners such as: