Deployment flow for Google Cloud Marketplace Standard Solutions

Most Google Cloud Marketplace applications fall under the category of a simple single virtual machine instance deployment, referred to as a standard solution. For these solutions, GCP Marketplace can automatically generate Google Cloud Deployment Manager templates behind the scenes. For standard solutions, after you complete the setup tasks described in the Technical Components Overview, your next step is to focus on the development of your solution and integration testing with GCP Marketplace.

If the standard solution meets your needs, then you can skip the instructions for creating a custom solution. The template for a standard solution has a straightforward flow with limited ability to customize for customer input and output elements. If you're unsure about which solution is better for your project, talk to your Google Partner Engineer.

The following sections show the screen layout based on auto-generated standard solution templates.

Deployment input page

The standard customer input elements are shown on the left side of the following screenshot and include zone, machine type, disk options, and networking options.

Post deployment page

The standard output elements are shown on the right side of the following screenshot and include site address, temporary admin password, and instance information.

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