Managing parallel approvals in Producer Portal

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Previously, in Partner Portal, you had to complete all aspects of product onboarding before submitting your entire product for pre-release review. Producer Portal features a parallel approval workflow, which enables you to independently complete the following sections, as applicable, and submit them for review separately, without blocking progress for other sections:

  • Product details
  • Pricing
  • Dataset details
  • Technical integration
  • Container images

Submitting one section for review doesn't affect the other sections, and won't cause your product to be published. If you need to make further changes, you can also cancel the review of any section.

In Producer Portal, from your product's Overview page, you can see the current status of all sections, including whether each section has been submitted or approved. If the review process identifies issues that you must correct, you see comments about those issues on this page, in addition to more detailed context on the relevant section's page. After approval is granted for all sections, the Publish section unlocks, enabling you to control when your product becomes available (or is updated) on Google Cloud Marketplace.