Migrating your products from Partner Portal to Producer Portal

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This page provides details about the process of migrating your Google Cloud Marketplace products from Partner Portal to Producer Portal, as part of the transition from Partner Portal to Producer Portal.

You're notified in advance when your existing Partner Portal product is scheduled for migration to Producer Portal. When your product's scheduled migration window arrives, your product is automatically migrated from Partner Portal to Producer Portal.

If you have questions about the portal migration process, or you're experiencing issues which might be related to the portal migration, you can contact the Google Cloud Marketplace Partner Engineering team at cloud-partner-onboarding@google.com.

Receiving notification of your upcoming migration

If you have existing products in Partner Portal, you receive a notification about your product's scheduled migration window at least 30 days before the start of the window. After you're notified of your product's scheduled migration window, you can also see current information about your product's migration in Partner Portal.

If you have concerns about the scheduling of your product's migration, you (or your representatives within Google) can contact cloud-partner-onboarding@google.com. You can request a different migration window, but you won't be able to opt out of eventually migrating.

During your scheduled migration window

When your product's scheduled migration window begins, your product's migration might take up to 4 hours to complete. While this process occurs, you can still view your product in Partner Portal, but you can't make changes to your product or any of its private offer quotes.

After your product's migration from Partner Portal to Producer Portal is completed, you can access your product in Producer Portal, using the same Google Cloud project that you previously used to access that product in Partner Portal. At this point, your product isn't visible in Partner Portal anymore.

Migrating your deployment package (for VM products)

When you created your product in Partner Portal, unless you configured your deployment package directly in the portal (which only supports simple deployment packages), you used Google Cloud console to upload your deployment package. If you uploaded your deployment package, then when your product migrates to Producer Portal, you must also migrate your deployment package to a Cloud Storage bucket.

For detailed information about migrating your deployment package, visit Migrating your deployment package to Producer Portal for VM products.

Addressing validation errors after migration

After your products migrate to Producer Portal, you might encounter new validation errors. This typically occurs for products which haven't recently been published, or haven't been updated to adhere to recent Google Cloud Marketplace validation requirements.

You can view these validation errors from the Overview page of Producer Portal, or visit the relevant section for additional context and information on resolving the errors. You must resolve all validation errors before you can publish new updates to your product.