Open Source Compliance

Products that include open source software need to comply with Google’s open source compliance practices, listed below. Many Googlers are also open source contributors or maintainers, so we're especially sensitive to treating the community with respect. We have found that the easiest and fastest way for vendors to ensure open source compliance for most libraries is to include the full source code and license text in your solution.

You must complete an open source compliance document for all VM and Kubernetes solutions that you want to distribute on GCP Marketplace.

Open source compliance requirements are not negotiable, and apply to all partners.

  • If you are using what is pre-installed on a Compute Engine supported OS image, and not installing additional open source components, you do not need to provide the source code or license text for the components.

  • If you are installing an open source component that is under a GPL or LGPL license, then you must install the license text along with the source code on the instance image.

  • If you're installing an open source component on top of a Compute Engine supported OS image, and the component license is one of the whitelisted licenses (MIT, BSD, and Apache or other), then you must provide only the license text file on the instance image along with list of components.

  • Do not use AGPL-licensed components.

To complete your compliance steps, contact to request access to the Open Source Compliance worksheet.

If you are distributing VM solutions or Kubernetes applications, you can upload your worksheet using Partner Portal. Your Partner Engineer will let you know when you have access to Partner Portal. After you have access, open the GCP Marketplace page, and from the menu on the left, click Partner Portal.

The direct link to Partner Portal is:

To upload your compliance worksheet, in Partner Portal, open the Open Source Compliance section.

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