Offering managed services: Integrated SaaS solutions

Integrated SaaS solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace are software solutions that run on Google Cloud, and are billed by Google. This section describes the high-level steps that you must take to integrate your SaaS solution with Google Cloud Marketplace.

Before you begin


  1. Review the available pricing options, and select a pricing model.

    We recommend deciding on a pricing model and submitting it for processing before proceeding with the next steps. Pricing models might take up to two weeks to process. You can continue integrating and submitting your application while the pricing model is being processed.

  2. Set up your Google Cloud environment.

  3. Integrate your solution with Google Cloud Marketplace.

    The integration includes modifying the frontend and backend of your software to create accounts for users, link the accounts to their Google accounts, and provide a way for users to sign in to your application using their Google credentials.

  4. Submit your solution.