Overview of Google Cloud Marketplace Onboarding

To integrate your container image solution with Google Cloud Marketplace, you’ll need to provide us with a few key deliverables and do some setup tasks even before you start, such as:

Note that you will need to request access to these documents.

After you send us the above information, we'll give you access to Partner Portal, which you will use in the next step, Technical Integration.

Overview of technical integration

As a partner, you can use Partner Portal to create Google Cloud Marketplace solutions. You can enter solution details, configure what images are shown, and preview how your listing will appear in Google Cloud Marketplace.

Users will pull container images from a Google-owned container registry repository, marketplace.gcr.io/YOUR-PARTNER-ID/YOUR-SOLUTION-PUBLISHED-NAME. You'll provide Google solution images via a staging repository (specified during solution creation, with the prefix gcr.io). You'll specify which Container Registry tags you'd like to present in Google Cloud Marketplace. When your solution is published, Google will copy the specified images from your staging gcr.io repository to the official marketplace.gcr.io repository, from which users will download your container images.

Follow best practices

The following best practices are recommended for all solutions:

  • Create Getting Started documentation
  • Add User Support documentation

Review and launch

After you submit your solution, cloud-partner-eng will review your submission and work with you to resolve any issues before approving it. When the solution is approved, it will be launched within 15 minutes of approval.