Accepting offers from vendors

If you have an existing relationship with a Cloud Marketplace vendor, they can send you a customized offer so that you can purchase the software at a discount.

Private offers are typically for a set duration, such as 12 months, during which you pay the discounted price. When the duration has expired, you can continue using the software and pay the list price. To continue paying a discounted price, work with the vendor to get another offer before the duration expires.

When a Cloud Marketplace vendor sends you a private offer, you must accept the offer using a specific project and billing account in your Google Cloud organization. If you're unfamiliar with Google Cloud resources, see the documentation on Google Cloud's resource hierarchy. If you don't have a Google Cloud account or it's your first time using the Cloud Console, you can also contact your organization's Google Cloud Customer Engineer for guidance.

Before you begin

  • Decide on a Cloud Billing account for the private offer, and find or create a Google Cloud project that is linked to that account. When deciding, consider the following factors:

    • You can choose an existing Google Cloud project or create a new project for the offer. To learn about projects or for steps to create one, see Creating and managing projects.

    • The project must be linked to the Cloud Billing account that you want to use for the offer. If you create a project, you must link the project to this Cloud Billing account. The offer will only apply to this Cloud Billing account. To check for billing or to enable it, see Modify a project's billing settings.

    If you're unfamiliar with how Google Cloud resources work or do not have an account, you can contact a Google Cloud Customer Engineer for guidance.

  • You must have the following roles for Identity and Access Management (IAM):

    • Billing Administrator (roles/billing.admin) for the target Cloud Billing account OR the Google Cloud organization where your project is located. If you don't have this role, contact an Organization Administrator to request access.

    • Viewer (roles/viewer) for the project that is billed to the Cloud Billing account for which you are accepting the private offer. If you are not a viewer, you can either contact the project owner to request access, or create a new project to give yourself the correct permissions. If you create a new project, you must enable billing and link the project to the desired Cloud Billing account for the offer.

    To understand relationships between between Google Cloud organizations, projects, and billing, see the documentation on Cloud Billing access control. To learn more about roles and permissions across Google Cloud, see the IAM documentation on Understanding roles.

Accepting a private offer

When a vendor sends you a private offer, they send you a link to the offer. The link opens a page in the Cloud Console with your custom offer, similar to the following example:

example custom offer

To view and accept a private offer:

  1. Click the link that the vendor sent you.

  2. At the top of the page, click the Select from menu. In the Select from window that appears, select the project to which you want to assign the offer.

  3. Verify the details of the offer, such as the discount percentage and duration of the offer.

  4. In the Billing section of the offer, confirm that you can purchase the product, then click Subscribe. The Cloud Billing account is the account that you selected for your project. After verifying the billing details, click Subscribe.

  5. To view the product's Cloud Marketplace page, click View product details.

  6. Depending on the type of product, you might need to activate your subscription on the vendor's site.

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