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Transform trips from start to finish

Power on-demand rides and deliveries with real-time data and predictable per ride pricing on a global scale.

800 million

routes delivered daily
Scale confidently, backed by our infrastructure.

40 million

miles of roads
Build with reliable navigation information wherever you are.

25 million

updates daily
Count on real-time location information.
Help drivers navigate, right in your app
Offer a seamless driver experience with In-app Navigation when you put controls, critical ride tasks, and alerts directly in your app and at drivers’ fingertips. Help your drivers with familiar Google Maps turn-by-turn directions, lane level guidance, speed limits, two-wheeler routes, and more. Get insights into routes so you can optimize pickups and drop-offs for even more rides and deliveries. Plus, customize the look and feel to match your brand.
Keep customers informed with live progress
Help customers stay in the know from pickup to drop-off or delivery with Trip & Order Progress. Show real-time route progress, ETA, and traffic conditions, so they know exactly where their driver is, when their food will arrive, or when they’ll get to their destination. This means more satisfied customers and fewer cancellations. Rely on Google to build, scale, and maintain this service so you can reduce development costs.
Optimize driver allocation
Use Nearby Drivers to find the right driver for the job – whether it’s delivering pizzas or taking people places. Allocate the best driver based on driving ETA or a custom ranking model and real-time traffic. Give customers options to request the exact car they need, using attributes like available seats or car type.
Deliver faster and more reliable routes
Provide a best in class service with Routes Preferred, faster and more reliable routing APIs. Customize routes by time, distance and cost, based on your needs. Plus, deliver more accurate ETAs using two-wheeler routes and side of road preferences


Trip & Order Planning
Make it easy for customers to book a ride or place an order with fast, more accurate route and ETA calculations and effective pickup points. Offer familiar Google maps users know and trust.
Driver Navigation
Integrate Google Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation into your app with features like two-wheeler routes and live traffic.
Dispatch Optimization
Select the right driver for every trip to maximize fleet efficiency and meet customers’ needs.
Pickup & Drop-off Selection
Identify the best pickup or drop-off point to facilitate easy meetups and efficient deliveries.
Trip & Order Progress
Let customers track drivers' routes in real time.

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