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Retail experiences
that engage

Exceed expectations with fast, convenient experiences that blend the best of buying online and in-store.

11% increase

in average cart size
when using location intelligence to deliver relevant promotions1

10% increase

in online to offline conversion
by displaying store-level information such as services and in-stock items1

15% increase

in conversion rates
when using Autocomplete at checkout2

Discover new retail solutions

Product Locator, Store Locator Plus, and Checkout were designed to help you offer the best possible experience and increase sales.

Product Locator

Google Maps Platform - Customization
Turn online browsing into local sales
Connect online browsing with local in-store inventory
Consumers are making decisions faster than ever, with mobile searches for “__ near me now” growing by over 150%3. Convert online shoppers to in-store or curbside pickup customers by showcasing nearby stores that have an item in stock, integrated into the product’s detail page. Keep customers informed of local shopping options at every step of the buying process.
Highlight the convenience of local shopping or in-store pickup
Provide helpful information shoppers need before they visit. Display store-level details such as pickup options, store hours, estimated driving times, accessibility info, and store location on a static map.
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Store Locator Plus

Google Maps Platform - Customization
Drive more shoppers to your store
Help your customers find you
As the popularity of options like curbside pickup skyrockets, it’s more important than ever to help customers find you. Integrate routes, traffic estimates, and directions into your online purchase experience, presented on fully-customizable dynamic maps.
Make store location effortless
Helping your customers find their local store remains a cornerstone of building brand loyalty. Google Maps Platform provides the full range of information customers need, from store hours and accessibility options to photos of your storefront — all within the interface they already know and love.
Do more with physical locations
As customers rediscover the convenience of neighborhood stores, retailers have the opportunity to deepen brand loyalty. The Store Locator Plus solution can help you make the most of your physical locations by integrating targeted offers redeemable in-person, local calendars for in-store events and classes, and online scheduling for appointments and services.
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Google Maps Platform - Customization
Speed up checkout and increase sales
Speed up checkout
With 70% of all online shopping carts abandoned before an order is placed4, retailers are striving to simplify and speed up each purchase. Autocomplete reduces address entry to just a few keystrokes or taps, cutting checkout time by up to 64% and leading to a 15% increase in conversions3.
Make delivery more reliable
As many as 5% of all addresses are entered incorrectly5, leading to costly delivery mistakes, frustrated customers, and unreliable CRM data. Autocomplete increases convenience and reliability by replacing manual entry of addresses with a menu of complete options. Automatically completed addresses enable a map of the destination to be added to each confirmation email, giving customers peace of mind.
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Solutions Overview

Product Locator
Autocomplete, Directions, Distance Matrix, Geocoding, Place Details
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Store Locator Plus
Autocomplete, Directions, Distance Matrix, Dynamic Maps, Dynamic Street View, Geocoding, Place Details
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Autocomplete, Geocoding, Static Maps
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Make it even easier to shop your store

1 Unlocking Value with Location Intelligence, an October 2020 commissioned study conducted by Boston Consulting Group on behalf of Google, 2020 (n=520)
2 Internal Google data
3 Google/Purchased Digital Diary: How Consumers Solve Their Needs in the Moment, May 2016. Representative sample of U.S. smartphone users = 1000. Smartphone users by immediacy need type = 623-961, Responses = 14,840, Needs = 10,540
4 44 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics, Baymard Institute, 20 Dec. 2020.
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