Caching queries and rebuilding PDTs with datagroups

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This page refers to the persist_with parameter that is part of a model.

persist_with can also be used as part of an Explore, described on the persist_with parameter documentation page.


persist_with: airports_datagroup
Default Value

The name of a datagroup.


Use persist_with at the model level to specify the default datagroup caching policy to use for all Explores in the model. See the Caching queries and rebuilding PDTs with datagroups documentation page for an overview of datagroups.

To specify a datagroup for just one or more Explores, or to override the default datagroup for one or more Explores, you can use the persist_with parameter for explore to specify a different datagroup for those Explores.


Use the orders_datagroup caching policy for all Explores in the model:

persist_with: orders_datagroup