Submitting content to the Looker Marketplace

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This page describes how to submit content to the Looker Marketplace. For more information on creating content for submission, see the Developing for the Looker Marketplace page.

Creating content documentation

First, prepare some information to help users who will view your Marketplace listing. Each listing should contain:

  • An overview of the content
  • Common use cases
  • Requirements to use the content
  • For visualizations, the visualization library you used
  • Images, videos or GIFs giving a demonstration of the content
  • Any other information that a user would find important

Prepare this information for your content before proceeding to Submitting content for review.

Submitting content for review

To submit content to the Looker Marketplace:

  1. Review the Looker Marketplace Security Guidelines.
  2. Fill out the Looker Marketplace & Action Hub Submission Form. Make sure you have prepared:

    • Documentation for your content
    • The licenses of any open source libraries that the content relies on
    • A link to the repository where your content is hosted

      For actions, submit a pull request to Looker's action repository rather than creating a new repository.

    The Looker Marketplace team will review your submission and get back to you via email to coordinate time for a live demo.

  3. Deliver a live demo of your content for the Looker Marketplace team.

  4. Sign the agreement provided to you by the Looker Marketplace team.

The Looker Marketplace team will publish your content to the Marketplace.

Maintaining content

If you need to make updates to your content, fill out the Looker Marketplace & Action Hub Submission Form. Under "Type of Submission", select "Update".

The Looker Marketplace team will review your update and reach out via email if there are any questions. Then, the team will publish your change to the Marketplace.

The marketplace listing will prompt users to update the content the next time they use it.