Collection projects.sinks

Resource LogSink

Describes where log entries are written outside of Stackdriver Logging.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "destination": string,
  "filter": string,
  "errors": [
Field name Type Description
name string The client-assigned name of this sink. For example, "my-syslog-sink". The name must be unique among the sinks of a similar kind in the project.
destination string The resource name of the destination. Stackdriver Logging writes designated log entries to this destination. For example, "".
filter string An advanced logs filter. If present, only log entries matching the filter are written. Only project sinks use this field; log sinks and log service sinks must not include a filter.
errors[] object(LogError) Output only. If any errors occur when invoking a sink method, then this field contains descriptions of the errors.


Method Description
create Creates a project sink.
delete Deletes a project sink.
get Gets a project sink.
list Lists project sinks associated with a project.
update Updates a project sink.