Default Logging agent logs

This page lists the logs that are sent to Cloud Logging by the Logging agent.

Audit logs

The Logging agent does not write audit logs.

Custom logs

The Logging agent is pre-configured to send logs from VM instances to Cloud Logging. You can add your own fluentd configuration files to the Logging agent. For more information, see Configuring the agent.

Linux instances

The following logs are pre-configured in the Logging agent running on Linux VM instances.

Log ID Source and configuration files
syslog Linux syslog
apache-access, apache-error Apache logs
cassandra, cassandra-output Cassandra logs
chef-* Chef logs
gitlab-* gitlab logs
jenkins Jenkins logs
jetty-* Jetty logs
joomla Joomla logs
magento-* Magento logs
mediawiki MediaWiki logs
memcached memcached logs
mongodb Mongodb logs
mysql, mysql-slow MySQL logs
nginx-access, nginx-error Nginx logs
postgresql PostgreSQL logs
puppet-* Puppet Enterprise logs
rabbitmq-* RabbitMQ logs
redis Redis logs
redmine Redmine logs
salt-* Salt logs
solr Solr logs
sugarcrm SugarCRM logs
tomcat, tomcat-localhost_access_log Tomcat logs
zookeeper, zookeeper-trace Zookeeper logs

Windows instances

The following logs are pre-configured in the Logging agent running on Windows VM instances.

Log ID Description Logging agent messages
winevt.raw Windows Event Log

The logs from the agent are named projects/[PROJECT_ID]/logs/[LOG_ID].

[LOG_ID] is a simple name such as syslog or redis. There is no service name prefix.

The asterisk (*) following some of the log names means that there can be several logs whose names begin with the same prefix.