Local SSD

Local solid-state drive storage for virtual machine instances.

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High-performance, ephemeral storage

Local SSDs are physically attached to the server that hosts your VM instance. This tight coupling offers superior performance, very high input/output operations per second (IOPS), and very low latency compared to other block storage options. Local SSDs are designed for temporary storage use cases such as caches or scratch processing space. Which makes them suitable for workloads like media rendering, data analytics, or high-performance computing.

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Access our highest performance block storage

Access our highest performance block storage

Directly attaching a Local SSD on the server that hosts your VM instance enables the lowest latency and highest performance storage for temporary use cases like scratch data, caches, or for data replicated at higher layers.

Support a range of workloads

Support a range of workloads

Different workloads require different VM shapes to achieve the best performance at the right price. Customize the VM shape to your workload or attach to predefined shapes that we offer for typical use cases like data analytics, media rendering, or gaming.

Always encrypted

Always encrypted

Data stored on our infrastructure is automatically encrypted at rest. With Local SSDs, your data is always encrypted with an ephemeral encryption key. The SSDs manage and protect these device-level encryption keys.


Fast IOPS and high-speed throughput

Choose Local SSDs when you need Google's highest speed ephemeral storage. Reach IOPS of 2,400,000 / 1,200,000 (read/write) and throughput up to 9,360 MB per second / 4,680 MB per second for 9 TB instances.

Scale as you need it

Attach up to 24 Local SSD partitions for 9 TB of total Local SSD storage space per instance. Or you can format and mount multiple Local SSD partitions into a single logical volume.

Customizable VM shapes

Depending on your workload, you may require specific memory-to-storage configuration to achieve the best performance at the right price. With Local SSDs, attach custom-sized disks to your VMs, allowing you to tailor your storage to your use case, needs, and budget.

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