Google Kubernetes Engine pricing

This page explains pricing for compute resources and cluster management in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Autopilot mode

Autopilot clusters accrue a flat fee of $0.10/hour for each cluster after the free tier, plus the CPU, memory and ephemeral storage resources that are requested by your currently scheduled Pods.You are not charged for system Pods, operating system overhead, unallocated space, or unscheduled Pods. All Autopilot resources are charged in 1 second increments, there is no minimum duration.

General-purpose (default) Pods

Scale-Out Compute Class Pods

The amount of pod resources requested by a Pod is based on the resource requests defined in the associated Kubernetes PodSpec. Autopilot offers highly granular pricing for Pods, allowing for CPU increments as low as ¼ of a vCPU core. Pod resources are subject to defined minimums, increments, and ratios of CPU to memory, and Autopilot will automatically round up values as needed to meet our requirements. If you don’t specify Pod resource requests, default values are used. Pods are billed as general-purpose Pods, unless scheduled on a specific compute class.

You are only billed for the resources requested by currently scheduled Pods. Scheduled pods are Pods in the Running phase, and those with the ContainerCreating status in the Pending phase. Pods in the Pending phase waiting to be scheduled (i.e. with a status other than ContainerCreating), and those in other phases like Succeeded and Failed are not billed.

Committed use discounts for Autopilot clusters are available. With committed use discounts, you will receive 45% discount off on-demand pricing for a three-year commitment or 20% discount off on-demand pricing for a one-year commitment. These discounts are the same in every region. To learn more, see Committed use discounts in GKE .

GKE includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that's financially backed providing availability of 99.95% for the control plane of Autopilot clusters, and 99.9% for Autopilot pods in multiple zones.

Standard mode

Clusters created in Standard mode accrue a management fee of $0.10 per cluster per hour, irrespective of cluster size or topology, after the free tier. GKE cluster management fees do not apply to Anthos clusters.

In Standard mode, GKE uses Compute Engine instances worker nodes in the cluster. You are billed for each of those instances according to Compute Engine's pricing, until the nodes are deleted. Compute Engine resources are billed on a per-second basis with a one-minute minimum usage cost.

Compute Engine offers committed use discounts that apply to the Compute Engine instances in the cluster. To learn more, see Committed use discounts in Compute Engine .

GKE includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that's financially backed providing availability of 99.95% for the control plane of Regional clusters, and 99.5% for the control plane of Zonal clusters.

Cluster management fee and free tier

The cluster management fee of $0.10 per cluster per hour (charged in 1 second increments) applies to all GKE clusters irrespective of the mode of operation, cluster size or topology.

The GKE free tier provides $74.40 in monthly credits per billing account that are applied to zonal and Autopilot clusters. If you only use a single Zonal or Autopilot cluster, this credit will at least cover the complete cost of that cluster each month. Unused free tier credits are not rolled over, and cannot be applied to any other SKUs (for example, they cannot be applied to compute charges, or the cluster fee for Regional clusters).

The following conditions apply to the cluster management fee:

  • The fee is flat, irrespective of cluster size and topology—whether it is a single-zone cluster, multi-zonal cluster, regional or Autopilot cluster, all accrue the same flat fee per cluster.

  • The fee does not apply to Anthos clusters.

The following example demonstrates how the cluster management fee and free tier credit is applied for an organization’s billing accounts. In this example, the organization’s regional and zonal cluster hours are listed excluding Anthos clusters hours. The total billable amount is calculated per month, with the monthly free tier credit applied.

Organization's billing accounts Autopilot cluster hours per month Regional cluster hours per month Zonal cluster hours per month Free tier credit used Total monthly GKE cluster management fee
(at $0.10/hour per cluster)
account_1 744 0 0 $74.40 $0
account_2 0 1000 500 $50 $100
account_3 1000 1000 1000 $74.40 $225.60

Multi Cluster Ingress

Multi Cluster Ingress is included as part of Anthos, so there is no additional charge to use Multi Cluster Ingress in an Anthos on Google Cloud cluster. If you have GKE clusters that are not licensed for Anthos, you are billed at the standalone pricing rate when you use Multi Cluster Ingress. The functionality of Multi Cluster Ingress is the same whether you use it with Anthos licensing or standalone pricing. You can change how you are billed at any time by enrolling or unenrolling in Anthos.

In all cases, the load balancers and traffic for MultiClusterIngress resources are charged separately, according to load balancer pricing.

Anthos licensing

Multi Cluster Ingress is included as part of Anthos. If you enable the Anthos API (gcloud services enable and your clusters are registered to a fleet, then there is no additional charge to use Multi Cluster Ingress.

Standalone pricing

Multi Cluster Ingress standalone pricing is based on the number of Pods that are considered Multi Cluster Ingress backends at a cost of $3 per backend Pod per month (730 hours). This pricing is approximately $0.0041096 per backend Pod per hour, billed in 5 minute increments.

The number of backend Pods is the total number of Pods that are members of MultiClusterService resources across all GKE clusters in your project. The following example shows how backend Pods are counted:

Multi Cluster Ingress pricing model

Multi Cluster Ingress only charges Pods which are direct backends of MultiClusterIngress resources. Pods which are not Multi Cluster Ingress backends are not charged. In this example, there are three MultiClusterService resources across two clusters with Pod backends. Pods that are members of Service A, B, and C are not direct backends and are not billed against the standalone pricing.

Any Pod that is a member of multiple MultiClusterService resources is billed for each MultiClusterService that they are a member of. Two Pods are members of both the D and E MultiClusterService.

The following table summarizes the monthly cost total for standalone billing for the two clusters in the example:

MultiClusterService Pods Cost per month
D 3 $9
E 4 $12
F 1 $3
Total 8 $24

For more information on how to configure Multi Cluster Ingress billing, see API enablement.

Backup for GKE

Backup for GKE is a separate service from GKE that can be used to protect and manage GKE data.

Backup for GKE accrues fees along two dimensions: first, there is a GKE backup management fee, based on the number of GKE pods protected, and second, there is a backup storage fee, based on the amount of data (GB) stored. Both fees are calculated on a monthly basis, similar to other GKE feature billing.

As an example, a customer with a single backup plan in Iowa (us-central1) that backs up an average of 20 pods during a month, storing 200GB of backup storage data in Iowa, would be charged $25.60 in fees. This $25.60 would include $20 for the month for GKE backup management (20 x $1.00 / pod-month) and $5.60 for backup storage (200 * $0.028 / GB-month).

Customers that choose to back up data in a different region from their production GKE cluster will also be subject to networking fees.

Pricing calculator

You can use the Google Cloud pricing calculator to estimate your monthly GKE charges, including cluster management fees and worker node pricing.

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