Using Google Cloud Platform Service Broker


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Broker is an implementation of the open-source Open Service Broker (OSB) API hosted on GCP. It simplifies the delivery of GCP services to applications that run on Kubernetes. By creating GCP resources and managing their corresponding permissions, Service Broker makes it easy to consume GCP services from within a Kubernetes cluster. For example, you can provision an instance of the Cloud Pub/Sub service from within your GKE cluster and make it available to your application(s).

Service Broker is registered on top of the Service Catalog GKE add-on. Once you install Service Catalog in your cluster and add Service Broker, it downloads a list of available services and plans. You can now create instances of plans and assign those instances with required permissions (bindings). Applications in your cluster can now access created service instances via their native APIs without having to manually import information such as credentials or endpoints.

GCP services available via Service Broker are:

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