Kubernetes applications

Develop faster and run anywhere with enterprise-ready containerized applications featuring prebuilt deployment templates and consolidated billing.

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Deploy containerized apps

Kubernetes applications are enterprise-ready containerized solutions with prebuilt deployment templates, featuring portability, simplified licensing, and consolidated billing. They can be run on Anthos, in the cloud, on-premises, or on Kubernetes clusters hosted in other environments. These are not just container images, but open-source, Google-built, and commercial applications that increase developer productivity, available now on GCP Marketplace.

Run anywhere

Kubernetes applications can be deployed to Anthos in the cloud or on-premises (on-premises deployment currently in beta), and to Kubernetes clusters hosted in other environments. They feature the same portability and consistency between environments you would expect from any other solution running on open-source containers.

Be more productive

Create new applications or modernize existing applications with enterprise-ready containerized solutions that deploy quickly so you spend less time setting up and more time developing. Kubernetes applications are not just container images — they feature prebuilt deployment templates and default configurations.

Simplify billing

Usage metering follows the application no matter where it is deployed or to which environment you move it. Billing takes place only through GCP and is consolidated with the rest of your spend, resulting in just one bill. Lastly, you pay only for what you use, with our transparent consumption-based billing model.


Integrated with Anthos

When you deploy on Anthos, you get a uniform view across all of your environments for simple management and a consistent experience.

Verified deployment templates (beta)

Kubernetes applications are verified by Google to deploy to Anthos in the cloud and on-premises.

Solutions to solve your problems

Innovate with containerized applications available for big data, analytics, networking, security, databases, developer tools, and more, all built to run in Kubernetes environments.

Vulnerability tested

All solutions listed on GCP Marketplace are tested and vetted by Google against security vulnerabilities.

Free and paid options

GCP Marketplace offers free software versions from commercial vendors and open-source projects. There are also paid solution offerings from popular commercial vendors, which feature usage-based and subscription pricing options.

DevOps ready

Kubernetes applications are ready to integrate with best-practice production release and deployment workflows. Container images, and configuration source code, are published to customers and apps are packaged using popular open-source frameworks such as Helm.

Solution documentation

Each solution has a user guide, provided by the vendor and reviewed by Google, that includes command-line instructions for installation and common operations like installation, upgrades, backup, and scaling.

Open-source standards

We work with open-source special interest groups (SIGs) such as SIG-apps and the Application standard, bringing the knowledge of the open-source community to your enterprise.

Flexible usage parameters

Paid solutions may be metered on any number of factors including API calls, number of hosts, storage per month, etc., so your charges are transparent and straightforward.

Maintenance and support

Commercial solutions listed on GCP Marketplace are fully supported by each vendor, with contact information listed so you can get help when you need it. Additionally, vendors have contracts with Google to provide long-term maintenance and support.

One billing relationship

All solutions deployed from GCP Marketplace are billed by Google, eliminating the need to set up contracts with multiple vendors.

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