Load balancer creation fails with error message


When you try to create an Internal HTTP Load Balancer, you receive a message similar to the one below:

"<project_name> Validation failed for instance group 'projects/<project_name>/zones/asia-southeast2-a/instanceGroups/<instance_group_name>': backend services 'projects/<project_name>/regions/asia-southeast2/backendServices/<backend_service_name_1>' and 'projects/<project_name>/regions/asia-southeast2/backendServices/<backend_service_name_2>' point to the same instance group but the backends have incompatible balancing_mode. Values should be the same."


  • Cloud Console
  • Network Services
  • Load Balancing


  1. Use the same instance group as a backend on each of the backend services if you need a VM to participate in multiple load balancers.
  2. To balance traffic to different ports, create the required named ports on the one instance group and have each backend service subscribe to a unique named port.
Note: You can only make combinations of load balancers for the same back end instance group, other combinations are not supported.