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Cloud Job Discovery is part of Google for Jobs - a Google-wide commitment to help people find jobs more easily. Job Discovery provides plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, enabling the entire recruiting ecosystem - company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems, and staffing agencies to improve job site engagement and candidate conversion.


Most job sites rely on keyword search to retrieve content which often omits relevant jobs and overwhelms the job seeker with irrelevant jobs. For example, a keyword search with any spelling error returns 0 results, and a keyword search for “dental assistant” returns any "assistant" role that offers dental benefits.

Cloud Job Discovery uses machine learning to better understand both job content and the intent of job seekers, resulting in:

  • check better job site engagement
  • check higher apply rates
  • check increased candidate conversion
  • check freed up product and engineering resources


Career site providers, job boards, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and staffing agencies have directly integrated with Cloud Job Discovery.

If you are an employer looking to improve your career site experience and use the same technology that powers the Google career site (and thousands of others), consider working with a career site provider to easily access Cloud Job Discovery. We currently integrate with Jibe, Ongig, Phenom People, RolePoint, Talemetry, Talent Networks by CareerBuilder, and more.

How does Cloud Job Discovery work?


Feature Examples  
Cloud Job Discovery
keyword search
Keyword matching job seeker searches for a job title, and results returned are exact keyword matches check check
Company jargon recognition rec & asset prot = recovery and asset protection manager check  
Abbreviation recognition biz dev = business development check  
Commute Search show me jobs with a 30 minute commute on public transportation from my home check  
Spelling correction bartendar = bartender check  
Concept recognition understanding "server" can mean either wait staff or computer backend check  
Title detection dental assistant vs. assistant jobs with dental benefits check  
Real time query broadening automatically expands results to similarly suitable positions check  
Employer recognition YouTube returns jobs at YouTube rather than any job with "YouTube" in the description check  
Job enrichment enriching a job with full set of skills. check  
Advanced location mapping street level address mapping check  
Location expansion expands on location in the event of no results check  
Seniority alignment admin assistant jobs vs. a vice president job with a reporting admin assistant check  

"We're excited about our collaboration with the Google team, combining our shared expertise to empower employment. Cloud Job Discovery enables us to provide an engaging search experience to our job seekers, while outsourcing a time-intensive product area to experts in the space. The API was simple to plug-in and continuously improves performance over time with built-in machine learning capabilities. This allows our product, technology and data science experts to focus on solving deeper, more critical challenges for matching job seeker to employers."

— Leigh Margaret Stull, VP Product Development at CareerBuilder
Private Beta: This is a Private Beta release of Cloud Job Discovery. This feature is not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy and may be subject to backward-incompatible changes.