Jenkins on Google Cloud

Speed, scale, and security for Jenkins.

Automate Jenkins installation, upgrade, and scaling

Get more from your Jenkins pipeline

Speed up your Jenkins builds with predictable performance and scalable infrastructure from Google Cloud. Automate your Jenkins installation, upgrade, and scaling by running Jenkins in Google Kubernetes Engine. Easily scale out your build farm by leveraging Compute Engine to seamlessly run your jobs. Scan your artifacts within early stages of software development lifecycle to detect vulnerabilities. Define policies to ensure each image has gone through the necessary stages of validation before deployment.

Why use Jenkins with Google Cloud?

Speed up Jenkins build

Distribute builds on higher-performance virtual machines like GPUs, TPUs, and local SSDs for fast feedback. Provision machines on demand with custom RAM and vCPUs for faster builds using Compute Engine Jenkins plugin.

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Native Kubernetes support

Easily set up a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and Kubernetes. Simplify configuration along with running tests and deploying artifacts to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Jenkins GKE plugin.

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Scale Jenkins on Kubernetes

Let Kubernetes handle scaling and load balancing by deploying Jenkins on a GKE cluster. GKE also provides ephemeral build executors, ensuring each build is run on a clean environment and cluster is used only when builds are running.

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Use best practices for deployment

Combine CI capabilities of Jenkins with continuous delivery (CD) features of Spinnaker. Leverage Spinnaker’s built-in deployment best practices such as red/black and canary deployments for faster rollouts and easier rollbacks.

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Store and manage your container images

Store your team’s container images within Container Registry. Maintain control over who can access, view, or download images. Get consistent uptime on an infrastructure protected by Google security.

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Integrate security and compliance

Scan for security vulnerabilities as soon as artifacts are created. Detailed reports are provided on vulnerability impact and available fixes. Enforce automatic policy verification to ensure only verified artifacts get deployed.

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GitOps-style continuous delivery Use Git as a single source of truth for managing application source code and environment repository. Create CI/CD pipelines that get built, tested, and deployed through pull requests.
Predictable and low cost With committed-use discounts, get deep discounts on predefined and custom VMs. Choose from a variety of machine types available to run builds in parallel and ensure there is no wait time.
Pay for what you use Per-second billing lets you pay per second when you use GCP VMs to speed up your Jenkins builds.

Jenkins plugins

Store artifacts, deploy to Kubernetes and VMs, or use private credentials for authorizing Jenkins.

Distribute Jenkins builds onto virtual machines (VMs)

Automate your CI/CD pipeline and run builds using Jenkins agents in Compute Engine.

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Authorize secure access to Google Cloud from Jenkins

Use Google service accounts for authenticating secure access to Google Cloud.

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Manage build artifacts

Publish build artifacts to Cloud Storage for backup and archival.

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Deploy to Google Kubernetes Engine with Jenkins

Set up a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins and Kubernetes.

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GCP makes scaling Jenkins real easy. With over 350TB of monthly data transfer and Jenkins builds spread across 670 vCPUs, we have been able to reduce build execution from days to minutes. And with per-second billing, we pay for only what we use. We spend less than £110 per day to speed up Jenkins builds. Doing something similar using our infrastructure would easily cost us more than £69,600 and require significant investment in time to implement.

— Tony Espley, Head of DevOps, PCMS Group plc


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