Namespace (2.3.1)



The BigtableEmulatorRule manages the lifecycle of the Bigtable Emulator. Before the start of a test, the emulator will be started on a random port and will be shutdown after the test finishes.

Example usage: {@literal @RunWith(JUnit4.class)} public class MyTest { {@literal @Rule} public final BigtableEmulatorRule bigtableEmulator = BigtableEmulatorRule.create();

 {@literal @Test}
 public void testUsingEmulator() {
    ManagedChannel adminChannel = bigtableEmulator.getAdminChannel();
    // Do something with channel



Wraps the Bigtable emulator in a java api.

This class will use the golang binaries embedded in this jar to launch the emulator as an external process and redirect its output to a Logger.