Istio on GKE versions

The version of Istio on GKE installed when you create or update a cluster with Istio on GKE depends on the cluster version. This list shows all currently available Istio on GKE add-on versions with their corresponding GKE versions.

For more information about current recommended and supported versions, see Supported GKE cluster versions.

Istio 1.4.10-gke.5:

  • 1.15.12-gke.{12-19}

  • 1.16.8-gke.{26-28},

  • 1.16.9-gke.{15-18},

  • 1.16.10-gke.{12-13},

  • 1.16.11-gke.{8-12},

  • 1.16.12-gke.{5-8},

  • 1.16.13

  • 1.17.6-gke.19,

  • 1.17.7-gke.{17-19},

  • 1.17.8-gke.{15-17},

Istio 1.4.10-gke.4

  • 1.15.12-gke.7+
  • 1.16.8-gke.25+
  • 1.17.5-gke.11+

Istio 1.4.6-gke.0

  • 1.16.6-gke.18+