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Microservices Simplified

Istio is an open source service mesh that provides a uniform way to connect, monitor and secure services. The trend toward microservices and containerization is leading to more complicated applications that are difficult to secure and monitor.

At Google, we have been developing and deploying microservices for over 15 years, and have helped build Istio to transparently take care of these issues so your developers don’t have to. Istio supports managing traffic flows between microservices, enforcing access policies and aggregating telemetry data, without changing your code.

Hybrid Cloud workloads with Istio

Istio on Google Kubernetes Engine is the best way to securely control traffic flows across any Kubernetes or microservice environments in a scalable way. With Istio, Google helps you connect your on-prem and cloud workloads, and manage them holistically, without requiring changes in the application software. Get started today on Kubernetes Engine and with Compute Engine.

Secure Service Calls

Istio transparently adds mutual TLS to all service calls. This enables strong encryption and authentication across all of your services deployed both in Google Kubernetes Engine and Google Compute Engine.

Deeper insights across services

Istio delivers deep insight into your system running on Google Cloud by collecting tracing, monitoring and logging information on every service in your mesh.

Build to Simplify DevOps

Istio provides dynamic, config-based routing for all of your service calls, empowering the operations team with a flexible set of tools so they can leverage:

  • check Canary services
  • check Versioning
  • check Blue/green deployments
  • check Content-based routing

This enables faster and more predictable roll-outs, while ensuring higher uptime for your services.


Traffic Management
Use dynamic configuration to impose routing rules, letting you control canary deployments, blue/green deployments, client-side load balancing and more.
Metric Reporting
Istio produces detailed monitoring data about application and network behavior rendered using Prometheus & Grafana. Easily extend it to send metrics and logs to any collection, aggregation and querying system.
Istio logs service calls on the mesh and can send them to a wide array of logging tools.
Zipkin integration provides tracing on calls on the mesh, enabling deep insight into the performance of distributed applications.
Authentication and authorization
To strongly authenticate and encrypt each call, Istio issues a certificate for every service running in the mesh and transparently layers in mutual TLS.
Network reliability
Impose retries, load balancing, flow-control (HTTP/2) and circuit-breaking, all without changing your code

“ Getting consistent visibility into who runs which micro services has become increasingly challenging with their growing success and broader adoption across workloads. Deploying Istio immediately provides deep visibility and insights into our services in real-time in a uniform manner, regardless of which language our services are built in. This consistent visibility helps us resolve issues quicker and improve the robustness of our services.

- Tim Kelton, Co-Founder Descartes Labs


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