Cloud IoT API

Registers and manages IoT (Internet of Things) devices that connect to the Google Cloud Platform.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1.projects.locations.registries

bindDeviceToGateway POST /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}:bindDeviceToGateway
Associates the device with the gateway.
create POST /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*}/registries
Creates a device registry that contains devices.
delete DELETE /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}
Deletes a device registry configuration.
get GET /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}
Gets a device registry configuration.
getIamPolicy POST /v1/{resource=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}:getIamPolicy
Gets the access control policy for a resource.
list GET /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*}/registries
Lists device registries.
patch PATCH /v1/{*/locations/*/registries/*}
Updates a device registry configuration.
setIamPolicy POST /v1/{resource=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}:setIamPolicy
Sets the access control policy on the specified resource.
testIamPermissions POST /v1/{resource=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}:testIamPermissions
Returns permissions that a caller has on the specified resource.
unbindDeviceFromGateway POST /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}:unbindDeviceFromGateway
Deletes the association between the device and the gateway.

REST Resource: v1.projects.locations.registries.devices

create POST /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}/devices
Creates a device in a device registry.
delete DELETE /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}
Deletes a device.
get GET /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}
Gets details about a device.
list GET /v1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*}/devices
List devices in a device registry.
modifyCloudToDeviceConfig POST /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}:modifyCloudToDeviceConfig
Modifies the configuration for the device, which is eventually sent from the Cloud IoT Core servers.
patch PATCH /v1/{*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}
Updates a device.
sendCommandToDevice POST /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}:sendCommandToDevice
Sends a command to the specified device.

REST Resource: v1.projects.locations.registries.devices.configVersions

list GET /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}/configVersions
Lists the last few versions of the device configuration in descending order (i.e.: newest first).

REST Resource: v1.projects.locations.registries.devices.states

list GET /v1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/registries/*/devices/*}/states
Lists the last few versions of the device state in descending order (i.e.: newest first).
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