Using the APIs Explorer

The APIs Explorer helps you experiment with various Google APIs. With the APIs Explorer, you can:

  • Browse through available APIs and versions.
  • See methods available for each API and what parameters they support, along with inline documentation.
  • Execute requests and see responses in real time.
  • Make authenticated and authorized API calls.
  • Search across all services, methods, and your recent requests.

Use the APIs Explorer to experiment with cloudiot methods. The APIs Explorer doesn't support the HTTP bridge, so it doesn't support cloudiotdevice methods.

Try the Cloud IoT Core APIs

Authorizing requests sent with the APIs Explorer

In the Cloud IoT Core APIs Explorer, click Authorize requests using OAuth 2.0. Select all the scopes and click Authorize.

You don't need an API key to use the APIs Explorer. However, you can override the default API key to use custom credentials.

Experimenting with Cloud IoT Core API methods

To experiment with a cloudiot method, select the method in the Cloud IoT Core APIs Explorer. Fill out the required fields. Click Authorize and Execute.

Visit the APIs Explorer Frequently Asked Questions or Support pages for details on experimenting with API methods.

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