The troubleshooting guide can help you solve common issues that you might encounter when using Dedicated Interconnect.

Google can't ping you during the provisioning process

  • Check that you're using the correct IP configuration. During the testing process, Google sends you two different IP configurations for your on-premises router. Don't configure VLANs for either of these tests.
    1. The first set of IP addresses is for testing link level connectivity only. You must configure the correct IP address on every physical circuit, as instructed in the emails that Google sent you. Google pings all of those IPs. Don't configure LACP for this test.
    2. For the second test, remove all of the IP addresses from the first test. Configure the port channel with LACP even if your interconnect has only one circuit. Google pings the port channel address. Don't modify IP addresses or the LACP configuration on your port channel after you have passed the final test.

You can't ping Cloud Router

  • Check that you can ping Google's port channel IP address. The IP address is the googleIpAddress value when you view the interconnect details.
  • Check that you have the correct VLAN on your on-premises router's subinterface. The VLAN information should match the information provided by the VLAN attachment.
  • Check that you have the right IP address on your on-premises router's subinterface. When you create a VLAN attachment, it allocates a pair of link local IP addresses. One is for an interface on a Cloud Router (cloudRouterIpAddress) and the other is for a subinterface on your on-premises router's port channel, not the port channel itself (customerRouterIpAddress).

BGP session not working

  • Enable multi-hop BGP on your on-premises router with at least two hops.
  • Check that you have the correct neighbor IP address configured on your on-premises router. Use the BGP peer IP address (cloudRouterIpAddress) that was allocated by the VLAN attachment.
  • Check that the local ASN configuration on your on-premises router matches the peer ASN on the Cloud Router and vice versa.

You can't reach VM instances in your VPC network

  • Check that you can ping the port channel and VLAN attachment.
  • Check that your BGP session is active.
  • Check that routes are being advertised and received by your on-premises router.
  • Set the MTU size to 1440 on your on-premises router.

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