Modifying VLAN Attachments

For an existing VLAN attachment, you can modify its description or capacity. Modifications are immediate and don't disrupt traffic. You can't modify the VLAN ID or allocated BGP IP address range for existing attachments. Instead, you must recreate the VLAN attachment.

To create VLAN attachments for Dedicated Interconnect, see Creating VLAN attachments.


  1. Go to the Cloud Interconnect VLAN attachments tab in the Google Cloud Console.
    Go to VLAN attachments tab
  2. Select the VLAN attachment to modify.
  3. On the attachment's detail page, select Edit.
  4. Modify your VLAN attachment and then select Save.
    • Description — Information about the VLAN attachment.
    • Capacity — The maximum bandwidth of the attachment.


  1. Modify an InterconnectAttachment by specifying the name of the existing VLAN attachment and the attributes to modify.

    gcloud compute interconnects attachments dedicated update [NAME] \
      --region [ATTACHMENT'S_REGION] \
      --description [DESCRIPTION] \
      --bandwidth [BANDWIDTH]

    For more information, see the gcloud command line reference.