Modifying Interconnects

For an existing interconnect, you can modify its description, technical contact email address, and the number of circuits (the capacity). If you modify the description or email address, these changes are immediate.

If you change the number of circuits, the existing interconnect and its VLAN attachments continue to operate as normal because the circuit bundle uses LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol). Traffic isn't disrupted.

  • If you increase the number of circuits, you'll follow a process similar to creating a connection. Google sends you an LOA-CFA with your requested changes. Send this document to your vendor to grant them authorization to complete the work. New circuits won't be usable until they have been provisioned and tested.

  • If you decrease the number of circuits, Google removes the requested number of ports from the bundle and notifies you which circuits to remove. You'll need to contact your vendor to remove those cross connects.


  1. Go to the Cloud Interconnect Physical connections tab in the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    Go to Physical connections tab
  2. For the interconnect that you want to modify, select it.
  3. On the interconnect's detail page, select Edit.
  4. Modify your interconnect and then select Save.
    • Description — Information about the interconnect.
    • Capacity — The total capacity of your interconnect. The capacity is determined by the number of circuits, where each circuit is 10 Gbps.
    • Technical contact — An email address where notifications about this interconnect are sent. You don't need to enter your address; you'll be included in all notifications. Note that you can specify only one address.
  5. Select DONE to confirm your changes.


Modify an existing interconnect by running the following command:

 gcloud compute interconnects update [INTERCONNECT_NAME] \
   --description [UPDATED_DESCRIPTION]
   --noc-contact-email [UPDATED_EMAIL_CONTACT]
   --requested-link-count [UPDATED_COUNT]

Billing for new circuits start after they're ready to use (all tests have passed) or 30 days after your order was received. You won't be charged before then. You can cancel your order by reverting to the original number of the circuits. Billing for removed circuits stops when the LACP bundle is resized.

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