Cloud Code for IntelliJ

Develop, deploy, and debug applications right inside of IntelliJ.

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Make IntelliJ your Google Cloud Platform IDE

Cloud Code for IntelliJ allows you to easily extend IntelliJ for a fast build, deploy, and debug cycle. Deploy Java back ends for your cloud apps to App Engine standard or flexible environments. Or use Cloud Code for IntelliJ to create a fully integrated Kubernetes development, deployment, and debugging environment within your IDE.

Store source and debug

Use hosted Git repos on Google Cloud with Cloud Code for IntelliJ to store source code with your deployed services. You can also use Cloud Debugger for real-time debugging of your cloud back end. Built-in IDE features are also available for debugging.

Speed up Kubernetes development

Focus on writing code during Kubernetes development, not configuration files. Use templates available with Cloud Code for IntelliJ to quickly define Kubernetes resource files. Deploy to either local clusters or across multiple cloud providers.

Be more productive

While interacting with Kubernetes or Knative resource files, get out-of-the-box support for built-in IDE features, including code completion, linting, and snippets. You also get access to popular tools like Skaffold, Jib, and Kubectl to get continuous feedback on your Kubernetes code.


Run locally and deploy to production

Run and test the app locally, and when you're finished developing, you can deploy your project live from within IntelliJ IDEA.

Source plugin

Store, manage, or track code within Cloud Source Repositories. Cloud Source Repositories is a fully featured, scalable, private Git repository.

Cloud Debugger

Integration with Cloud Debugger lets you find and fix errors in your production apps without your users noticing a thing.

Multi-cloud deployments

Deploy to either local clusters or across multiple cloud providers. Scale from a single service to a multi-service, multi-environment app.

Individuals and enterprises

Cloud Code for IntelliJ is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA Community and Ultimate editions.



Cloud Code for IntelliJ is available at no cost for IntelliJ Community and Ultimate users.

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