Resolving an incident

This page shows you how to close out an incident using Stackdriver Incident Response and Management (IRM).

Mark an incident mitigated

When the issue is no longer affecting users, mark the incident Mitigated by updating the Stage drop-down menu in the Incident Details view toolbar:

Mark mitigated

At this point, the incident is not yet closed. It appears on the Active list on the IRM dashboard. For details on closing the incident, review the next section.

Mark an incident resolved

Once you have verified that conditions have returned to normal or otherwise that the incident no longer requires an active response, you can mark the incident Resolved. Select Resolved in the Stage drop-down menu:

Mark resolved

Now the incident shows up on the Resolved incidents list.

If you later need to return to a stage, return to the Stage drop-down menu and update the stage as needed.

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