Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Protect your user accounts and company data with a wide variety of MFA verification methods such as push notifications, Google Authenticator, phishing-resistant Titan Security Keys, and using your Android or iOS device as a security key.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen account security without sacrificing user experience

Protect your users and company data

Implement MFA to protect against harmful data breaches, which are commonly caused by weak or stolen credentials.

Prevent account takeovers

Prevent account takeovers with machine learning

Google’s constantly refined machine learning models quickly identify suspicious behavior and take immediate action, such as flagging abnormal sign-in behavior and presenting these users with additional login challenges.

Use security keys

Use security keys for an extra layer of protection

FIDO security keys, including Google’s Titan Security Key, provide the strongest protection of all MFA methods. In fact, Google Workspace accounts protected by FIDO security keys have never been hijacked.

Cloud Identity MFA features

User-friendly MFA methods

Cloud Identity supports a variety of MFA methods—hardware security keys, phone as a security key, mobile device push notifications, SMS, and voice calls—meaning you can choose the right option for your employees.

Rich auditing and reporting

Monitor employee usage, set alerts, and examine potential risks via detailed reports and audit logs.

Unified security dashboard

Security Center provides analytics, actionable insights, and best practices to help you monitor threats and take action before damage is done.

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Multi-factor authentication

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Cloud Identity Pricing

  • Context-aware access
  • Account security
  • Endpoint management
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Unified management console
  • HRMS integration
  • Hybrid identity management
  • SLA and compliance
  • Technical support