Python을 사용하여 승인된 세션 객체 가져오기

서비스 계정 사용자 인증 정보 JSON을 사용하여 승인된 요청 세션 클래스를 가져옵니다.

코드 샘플


def get_session(service_account_json):
    Returns an authorized Requests Session class using the service account
    credentials JSON. This class is used to perform requests to the
    Healthcare API endpoint.

    # Pass in the credentials and project ID. If none supplied, get them
    # from the environment.
    credentials = service_account.Credentials.from_service_account_file(
    scoped_credentials = credentials.with_scopes(

    # Create a requests Session object with the credentials.
    session = requests.AuthorizedSession(scoped_credentials)

    return session

다음 단계

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