Package (v1.21.0)

Package adapt adds functionality related to converting bigquery representations like schema and data type representations.

It is EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change or removal without notice.


func BQSchemaToStorageTableSchema

func BQSchemaToStorageTableSchema(in bigquery.Schema) (*storagepb.TableSchema, error)

BQSchemaToStorageTableSchema converts a bigquery Schema into the protobuf-based TableSchema used by the BigQuery Storage WriteClient.

func StorageSchemaToProto2Descriptor

func StorageSchemaToProto2Descriptor(inSchema *storagepb.TableSchema, scope string) (protoreflect.Descriptor, error)

StorageSchemaToProto2Descriptor builds a protoreflect.Descriptor for a given table schema using proto2 syntax.

func StorageSchemaToProto3Descriptor

func StorageSchemaToProto3Descriptor(inSchema *storagepb.TableSchema, scope string) (protoreflect.Descriptor, error)

StorageSchemaToProto3Descriptor builds a protoreflect.Descriptor for a given table schema using proto3 syntax.

NOTE: Currently the write API doesn't yet support proto3 behaviors (default value, wrapper types, etc), but this is provided for completeness.

func StorageTableSchemaToBQSchema

func StorageTableSchemaToBQSchema(in *storagepb.TableSchema) (bigquery.Schema, error)

StorageTableSchemaToBQSchema converts a TableSchema from the BigQuery Storage WriteClient into the equivalent BigQuery Schema.