Flags that control the execution of this action.

FLAG_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified flag.
IGNORE_EXIT_STATUS Normally, a non-zero exit status causes the pipeline to fail. This flag allows execution of other actions to continue instead.
RUN_IN_BACKGROUND This flag allows an action to continue running in the background while executing subsequent actions. This is useful to provide services to other actions (or to provide debugging support tools like SSH servers).
ALWAYS_RUN By default, after an action fails, no further actions are run. This flag indicates that this action must be run even if the pipeline has already failed. This is useful for actions that copy output files off of the VM or for debugging.

Enable access to the FUSE device for this action. Filesystems can then be mounted into disks shared with other actions. The other actions do not need the ENABLE_FUSE flag to access the mounted filesystem.

This has the effect of causing the container to be executed with CAP_SYS_ADMIN and exposes /dev/fuse to the container, so use it only for containers you trust.

PUBLISH_EXPOSED_PORTS Exposes all ports specified by EXPOSE statements in the container. To discover the host side port numbers, consult the ACTION_STARTED event in the operation metadata.

All container images are typically downloaded before any actions are executed. This helps prevent typos in URIs or issues like lack of disk space from wasting large amounts of compute resources.

If set, this flag prevents the worker from downloading the image until just before the action is executed.

DISABLE_STANDARD_ERROR_CAPTURE A small portion of the container's standard error stream is typically captured and returned inside the ContainerStoppedEvent. Setting this flag disables this functionality.
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