Intelligent applications
Use Cloud Functions with Google Cloud AI’s pre-trained machine learning models to easily inject artificial intelligence into your applications. With a single API request, you can classify images, analyze videos, convert speech to text, perform natural language processing, and more.
Virtual assistants and conversational experiences
Use Cloud Functions with Google Cloud Speech API and Dialogflow to extend your products and services with voice and text-based natural conversational experiences that help users get things done. Connect with users on the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices.
Example: voice-enabled application
Video and image analysis
Use Cloud Functions with Google Cloud Video Intelligence API and Cloud Vision API to retrieve relevant information from videos and images, enabling you to search, discover, and derive insight from your media content.
Example: video metadata analysis and extraction
Sentiment Analysis
Use Cloud Functions in combination with Google Natural Language API to reveal the structure and meaning of text and add powerful sentiment analysis and intent extraction capabilities to your applications.
Example: text message sentiment analysis