OCR tutorial step 4 - Save result

Demonstrates how to upload image files to Cloud Storage, and extract and translate text from the images by using the Vision API and Translation API.

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// Package ocr contains Go samples for creating OCR
// (Optical Character Recognition) Cloud functions.
package ocr

import (

	vision "cloud.google.com/go/vision/apiv1"

type ocrMessage struct {
	Text     string       `json:"text"`
	FileName string       `json:"fileName"`
	Lang     language.Tag `json:"lang"`
	SrcLang  language.Tag `json:"srcLang"`

// GCSEvent is the payload of a GCS event.
type GCSEvent struct {
	Bucket         string    `json:"bucket"`
	Name           string    `json:"name"`
	Metageneration string    `json:"metageneration"`
	ResourceState  string    `json:"resourceState"`
	TimeCreated    time.Time `json:"timeCreated"`
	Updated        time.Time `json:"updated"`

// PubSubMessage is the payload of a Pub/Sub event.
// See the documentation for more details:
// https://cloud.google.com/pubsub/docs/reference/rest/v1/PubsubMessage
type PubSubMessage struct {
	Data []byte `json:"data"`

var (
	visionClient    *vision.ImageAnnotatorClient
	translateClient *translate.Client
	pubsubClient    *pubsub.Client
	storageClient   *storage.Client

	projectID      string
	resultBucket   string
	resultTopic    string
	toLang         []string
	translateTopic string

func setup(ctx context.Context) error {
	projectID = os.Getenv("GCP_PROJECT")
	resultBucket = os.Getenv("RESULT_BUCKET")
	resultTopic = os.Getenv("RESULT_TOPIC")
	toLang = strings.Split(os.Getenv("TO_LANG"), ",")
	translateTopic = os.Getenv("TRANSLATE_TOPIC")

	var err error // Prevent shadowing clients with :=.

	if visionClient == nil {
		visionClient, err = vision.NewImageAnnotatorClient(ctx)
		if err != nil {
			return fmt.Errorf("vision.NewImageAnnotatorClient: %v", err)

	if translateClient == nil {
		translateClient, err = translate.NewClient(ctx)
		if err != nil {
			return fmt.Errorf("translate.NewClient: %v", err)

	if pubsubClient == nil {
		pubsubClient, err = pubsub.NewClient(ctx, projectID)
		if err != nil {
			return fmt.Errorf("translate.NewClient: %v", err)

	if storageClient == nil {
		storageClient, err = storage.NewClient(ctx)
		if err != nil {
			return fmt.Errorf("storage.NewClient: %v", err)
	return nil


public class OcrProcessImage implements BackgroundFunction<GcsEvent> {
  // TODO<developer> set these environment variables
  private static final String PROJECT_ID = System.getenv("GCP_PROJECT");
  private static final String TRANSLATE_TOPIC_NAME = System.getenv("TRANSLATE_TOPIC");
  private static final String[] TO_LANGS = System.getenv("TO_LANG").split(",");

  private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(OcrProcessImage.class.getName());
  private static final String LOCATION_NAME = LocationName.of(PROJECT_ID, "global").toString();
  private Publisher publisher;

  public OcrProcessImage() throws IOException {
    publisher = Publisher.newBuilder(
        ProjectTopicName.of(PROJECT_ID, TRANSLATE_TOPIC_NAME)).build();


// Get a reference to the Pub/Sub component
const {PubSub} = require('@google-cloud/pubsub');
const pubsub = new PubSub();
// Get a reference to the Cloud Storage component
const {Storage} = require('@google-cloud/storage');
const storage = new Storage();

// Get a reference to the Cloud Vision API component
const Vision = require('@google-cloud/vision');
const vision = new Vision.ImageAnnotatorClient();

// Get a reference to the Translate API component
const {Translate} = require('@google-cloud/translate').v2;
const translate = new Translate();


import base64
import json
import os

from google.cloud import pubsub_v1
from google.cloud import storage
from google.cloud import translate_v2 as translate
from google.cloud import vision

vision_client = vision.ImageAnnotatorClient()
translate_client = translate.Client()
publisher = pubsub_v1.PublisherClient()
storage_client = storage.Client()

project_id = os.environ["GCP_PROJECT"]

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