Map AWS services to Google Cloud Platform products

If you are familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a quick way to understand what the various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services do is to map them to AWS services that offer similar functionality. The following table provides a high-level mapping of the services provided by the two platforms. For a detailed comparison of GCP and AWS services by service type, see Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals.

Service Category Service AWS Google Cloud Platform
Compute IaaS Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Compute Engine
PaaS AWS Elastic Beanstalk App Engine
Containers Amazon Elastic Container Service Google Kubernetes Engine
Serverless Functions AWS Lambda Cloud Functions
Managed Batch Computing AWS Batch N/A
Network Virtual Networks Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud
Load Balancer Elastic Load Balancer Cloud Load Balancing
Dedicated Interconnect Direct Connect Cloud Interconnect
Domains and DNS Amazon Route 53 Google Domains, Cloud DNS
CDN Amazon CloudFront Cloud CDN
Storage Object Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service Cloud Storage
Block Storage Amazon Elastic Block Store Persistent Disk
Reduced-availability Storage Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access, Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access Cloud Storage Nearline
Archival Storage Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage Coldline
File Storage Amazon Elastic File System Cloud Filestore (beta)
Database RDBMS Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Aurora Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner
NoSQL: Key-value Amazon DynamoDB Cloud Firestore, Cloud Bigtable
NoSQL: Indexed Amazon SimpleDB Cloud Firestore
Big Data & Analytics Batch Data Processing Amazon Elastic MapReduce, AWS Batch Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Dataflow
Stream Data Processing Amazon Kinesis Cloud Dataflow
Stream Data Ingest Amazon Kinesis Cloud Pub/Sub
Analytics Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena BigQuery
Workflow Orchestration Amazon Data Pipeline, AWS Glue Cloud Composer
Application Services Messaging Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Queueing Service Cloud Pub/Sub
Management Services Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch Stackdriver Monitoring
Logging Amazon CloudWatch Logs Stackdriver Logging
Deployment AWS CloudFormation Cloud Deployment Manager
Machine Learning Speech Amazon Transcribe Cloud Speech-to-Text
Vision Amazon Rekognition Cloud Vision
Natural Language Processing Amazon Comprehend Cloud Natural Language
Translation Amazon Translate Cloud Translation
Conversational Interface Amazon Lex Dialogflow Enterprise Edition
Video Intelligence Amazon Rekognition Video Cloud Video Intelligence
Auto-generated Models N/A Cloud AutoML (beta)
Fully Managed ML Amazon SageMaker Cloud Machine Learning Engine

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