Regions and Zones

Cloud Filestore instances live in zones within regions. A region is a specific geographical location where you can run your resources. Each region is subdivided into several zones. For example, the us-central1 region in the central United States has zones us-central1-a, us-central1-b, us-central1-c, and us-central1-f. For more information, see Geography and Regions.

Some Google Cloud APIs, including the Cloud Filestore API, use the concept of locations, which can represent either regions or zones. For Cloud Filestore instances, locations map to zones.

To decrease network latency, we recommend creating a Cloud Filestore instance in a region and zone that is close to where you plan to use it. For example, if you plan to access the instance from Asia, then you should create it in one of the asia-east1 zones. Similarly, you will get the best performance by mounting Cloud Filestore volumes on clients in the same region, although you can mount a Cloud Filestore fileshare on a client in any region.

Supported regions

Cloud Filestore is available in the following regions and zones:

Region Name Region Description Zones
us-central1 Iowa
  • us-central1-a
  • us-central1-b
  • us-central1-c
  • us-central1-f
us-west2 Los Angeles
  • us-west2-a
  • us-west2-b
  • us-west2-c
us-west1 Oregon
  • us-west1-a
  • us-west1-b
  • us-west1-c
us-east4 N. Virginia
  • us-east4-a
  • us-east4-b
  • us-east4-c
us-east1 South Carolina
  • us-east1-b
  • us-east1-c
  • us-east1-d
northamerica-northeast1 Montreal
  • northamerica-northeast1-a
  • northamerica-northeast1-b
  • northamerica-northeast1-c
southamerica-east1 São Paulo
  • southamerica-east1-a
  • southamerica-east1-b
  • southamerica-east1-c
europe-west1 Belgium
  • europe-west1-b
  • europe-west1-c
  • europe-west1-d
europe-north1 Finland
  • europe-north1-a
  • europe-north1-b
  • europe-north1-c
europe-west3 Frankfurt
  • europe-west3-a
  • europe-west3-b
  • europe-west3-c
europe-west2 London
  • europe-west2-a
  • europe-west2-b
  • europe-west2-c
europe-west4 Netherlands
  • europe-west4-a
  • europe-west4-b
  • europe-west4-c
europe-west6 Zurich
  • europe-west6-a
  • europe-west6-b
  • europe-west6-c
australia-southeast1 Sydney
  • australia-southeast1-a
  • australia-southeast1-b
  • australia-southeast1-c
asia-east1 Taiwan
  • asia-east1-a
  • asia-east1-b
  • asia-east1-c
asia-east2 Hong Kong
  • asia-east2-a
  • asia-east2-b
  • asia-east2-c
asia-northeast1 Tokyo
  • asia-northeast1-a
  • asia-northeast1-b
  • asia-northeast1-c
asia-northeast2 Osaka
  • asia-northeast2-a
  • asia-northeast2-b
  • asia-northeast2-c
asia-northeast3 Seoul
  • asia-northeast3-a
  • asia-northeast3-b
  • asia-northeast3-c
asia-southeast1 Singapore
  • asia-southeast1-a
  • asia-southeast1-b
  • asia-southeast1-c
asia-south1 Mumbai
  • asia-south1-a
  • asia-south1-b
  • asia-south1-c