High Scale SSD tier

This page describes the new High Scale SSD tier for Filestore, which provides greater performance and allows you to grow and shrink capacity between 10-100 TiB.

Filestore service tiers now include a High Scale tier with a separate total capacity quota and the following capabilities:

Capability Description
Increased scaling capacity High Scale tier instances support up to 100 TiB of capacity.
Up and down capacity scaling The capacity of High Scale tier instances can be enlarged or reduced to meet changing capacity needs. For more information, see Scaling capacity
Performance scaling The IOPS and throughput of High Scale tier instances automatically scale with capacity. For more information, see Performance.
IP-based access control You can now restrict access to file shares based on the IP address of client VMs. This feature is available for both Basic and High Scale tiers. For more information, see IP-based access control.

New service tier names

With the introduction of the High Scale SSD service tier, the original Filestore service tiers have been renamed. The following table shows the available service tier configurations for Filestore in both the Cloud Console and the gcloud tool. Creating a Filestore instance through the Cloud Console uses the new service tier names.

Cloud Console gcloud tool Previous name
Instance type: Basic
Storage type: HDD
Instance type: Basic
Storage type: SSD
Instance type: High Scale
Storage type: SSD

The previous service tier names are still supported in the v1beta1 API and are required in the v1 API. If you're using the v1beta1 API, we recommend using the new tier names. For more information on Filestore service tiers, see Service tiers.

Supported regions

High Scale tier instances are supported on all regions where Basic tier instances are supported. For more information, see Regions and zones.


High Scale SSD quota starts at 0. Before you can create a High Scale SSD instance, you must first make and be approved for a High Scale SSD quota increase request.

Release stage

Filestore Basic HDD and Basic SSD tiers are still in the General availability release stage. This means that they are covered by the SLA and are in compliance with the listed Standards, regulations, and certifications.

Filestore High Scale tier is in beta features, and is not covered by an SLA.

What's next