Getting Instance Information

This page shows you how to get information about Filestore instances.

Before you begin

If you want to use the command-line examples in this page, enable the gcloud command-line tool by installing the Cloud SDK.

Getting information about all instances

You can get information about your Filestore instances by going to the Filestore instances page:

Go to the Filestore instances page

or by running the instances list command:

gcloud filestore instances list --project=project-id --zone=zone


  • project-id is the project ID of the Cloud project that contains the Filestore instance. You can skip this flag if the Filestore instance is in the gcloud default project. You can set the default project by running:

    gcloud config set project project-id
  • zone is the GCP zone for which you want to list Filestore instances. If you skip this flag, instances in all zones are returned. Run the gcloud filestore zones list command to get a list of supported zones.

The response to the instances list command is similar to the following:

nfs-loc        europe-west1-b  BASIC_HDD  1024         nfs1       READY   2017-10-09T22:11:28
nfs3           us-central1-c   BASIC_HDD  1024         acme       READY   2017-11-06T09:37:18


The following command lists all of the Filestore instances in project myproject:

gcloud filestore instances list --project=myproject

Getting information about a specific instance

Use one of the following procedures to get information about a specific Filestore instance.

Cloud Console

  1. Go to the Filestore instances page.

    Go to the Filestore instances page

  2. Click the instance ID to open the instance details page.


Get information about a Filestore instance by running the instances describe command:

gcloud filestore instances describe instance-id --project=project-id --zone=zone

The response to the instances describe command is similar to the following:

createTime: '2019-10-11T17:28:23.340943077Z'
- capacityGb: '1024'
 name: vol1
name: projects/yourproject/locations/us-central1-c/instances/nfs-server
- ipAddresses:
 network: default
state: READY

These fields represent the following values:

  • createTime: The time the instance was created, in RFC 3339 format.
  • fileShares:
  • capacityGb: The size of the Filestore file share in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB = 10243 bytes.
  • name: The name of the Filestore file share. You can use this along with the IP address identified by the ipAddresses value to mount the file share on a client.
  • name: The fully qualified name of the instance.
  • ipAddresses: The IP address for the instance. Use this value along with the file share name to mount the Filestore file share on a client.
  • network: The name of the VPC network that the instance uses.
  • reservedIpRange: The IP address block reserved for the use of the instance.
  • state: The state of the instance.
  • tier: The Filestore service tier of the instance.


The following command provides information about the test-nfs instance in project myproject, in zone us-central1-c.

gcloud filestore instances describe test-nfs --project=myproject --zone=us-central1-c

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