Error Details

To view detailed information about an error, click any entry in the overview page. The Error Details page is displayed.

Error details

Use the error details page to examine the history of a specific error, filter for specific error instances, and access diagnostic information contained in a series of samples for the error. The samples include a parsed stack trace and, if available, a link to the associated logs entry for additional root cause analysis.


Use the Filter errors text field to filter the error instances displayed. The bar graph updates to show filtered results in blue, vs non-filtered results in grey.

Error details

Error Samples

Errors that are grouped together are usually very similar, so Error Reporting only keeps 1000 samples, not all occurences, and then extrapolates. If you need all and are using Stackdriver Logging, consider exporting your logs to BigQuery for analysis.

For each sample, the UI shows the data that is provided to Error Reporting. If you use Google App Engine standard, useful metadata like the user agent and the URL of the request that led to the error are provided out of the box. If you are providing a structured error logging stream in Stackdriver Logging, check the list of fields you can provide in order to have that data show up here. If you're using the Stackdriver Error Reporting API, refer to the ReportedErrorEvent object.

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