Deleting an API and API instances

Cloud Endpoints uses the Extensible Service Proxy (ESP) and Service Management to manage your API. When you deployed your OpenAPI document by using the gcloud endpoints services deploy command, the command used Service Management to create a managed service for your API.

To delete your API you need to:

  • Delete the instance that ESP and your API backend is running on.
  • Delete the managed service that was created for your API.

The easiest way to do both of these tasks is to delete the Google Cloud project that your API is in. If you want to preserve your Cloud project, then you need to delete the instance and the managed service.

Deleting instances

App Engine

To delete an instance running in the App Engine flexible environment:

You can either disable the application on the App Engine Settings page in the Cloud Console, or you can delete the Cloud project. See Disabling an application and shutting down a project for more information.

Compute Engine

Use the gcloud compute instances delete command. When you delete an instance in this way, the instance shuts down and is removed from the list of instances, and all resources attached to the instance are released, such as persistent disks and any static IP addresses.

To delete an instance, use the following command:

gcloud compute instances delete [INSTANCE_NAME] --zone = [ZONE]

For more information on deleting Compute Engine instances, see the Compute Engine documentation.


To delete a GKE cluster with the gcloud command-line tool:

gcloud container clusters delete [NAME] --zone [ZONE]

Replace [NAME] with the name of your cluster and [ZONE] with the compute zone that the cluster is in.

For more information on deleting a GKE cluster, see the GKE documentation.

Deleting the managed service

If you don't need the data on the Endpoints Services page and in the Produced API log on the Logs Viewer page, you can delete the managed service for your API, which removes the data from the Cloud Console.

To delete the managed service:

  1. Make sure that the Cloud SDK (gcloud) is authorized to access your data and services on Google Cloud:

    gcloud auth login
  2. Enter the following to display the project IDs for your Google Cloud projects:

    gcloud projects list
  3. Using the applicable project ID from the previous step, set the default Cloud project to the one that your application is in:

    gcloud config set project [YOUR_PROJECT_ID]
  4. Obtain the name of all managed services in your Cloud project:

    gcloud endpoints services list
  5. Delete the service from Service Management. Replace SERVICE_NAME with the name of the service you want to remove.

    gcloud endpoints services delete SERVICE_NAME

    Running gcloud endpoints services delete doesn't immediately delete the managed service. Service Management disables the managed service for 30 days, which allows you time to restore it if you need to. After 30 days, Service Management permanently deletes the managed service.

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