Generating Client Libraries

Cloud Endpoints Frameworks v1 has been deprecated and will be shut down on August 2, 2018. We recommend that you use the latest version of this feature, which is renamed to Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine. This new version supports App Engine standard environment, provides lower latency, and has better integration with App Engine. For more details, see Migrating to 2.0.

After you finish creating your APIs with Cloud Endpoints Frameworks, you can generate client libraries for Android and iOS.

Generating a client library for Android

You need to generate a discovery document and the .zip file containing the Android client library and all its dependencies.

To generate for Android:

  1. Generate the library following the instructions provided in Using the Endpoints Command-Line Tool.

  2. Remember to repeat the client library generation when you modify the backend API.

  3. Add the client library to the Android app as described in Using Endpoints in an Android Client.

Generating a discovery doc for iOS

For iOS, you need to generate the discovery document for RPC, which you will then supply to the OS X library generator.

Generating the RPC discovery document is described in Using the Endpoints Command Line Tool.

Accessing backend APIs from Python

For information and sample code showing how to access a backend API from a Python client, see Accessing Backend APIs from Python Clients.

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