40-hour curriculum

Google Cloud Computing Foundations

Our free 10 module, 40 hour curriculum is designed to give you the tools to teach critical concepts like infrastructure, application development, data, and machine learning to students with little or no cloud computing experience.

Course overview

The curriculum enables learners to develop technical proficiency in cloud computing and prepare for careers in data analytics, application development, and more. 

Course modules

Help students develop cloud computing skills and prepare for careers in the cloud-first world. See the 10 course modules and explore answers to frequently asked questions.

What is included?

This curriculum consists of around 40 hours of content covering 10 topics with resources including editable slides and teaching notes, hands-on labs through Google Cloud Skills Boost, facilitator guides and lesson plans, and multiple-choice knowledge assessments.


1. Cloud Basics: Discuss what the cloud is and why it’s a technology and business game changer

2. User interface: Describe the different ways a user can interact with Google Cloud

3. Compute: Discover the compute options in Google Cloud

4. Storage: Implement a variety of structured and unstructured storage models

5. Managed Services: Discuss the different application managed service options in the cloud

6. Security: Outline how security in the cloud is administered in Google Cloud

7. Networks: Demonstrate how to build secure networks in the cloud

8. Automation: Identify cloud automation and management tools

9. Big data: Discover a variety of managed big data services in the cloud

10. Machine learning: Explain what machine learning is, the terminology used, and its value proposition

Google Cloud provides eligible faculty with resources including editable Google Slides decks, detailed slide-by-slide teaching notes, recommended hands-on practice labs for Google Cloud Skills Boost, lesson plans with an instructor guides, end-of-course multiple-choice assessment questions with an instructor answer key, and project-based assessments using Google Cloud skill badge quests on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

The teaching resources are intended only for teaching courses at regionally accredited or higher-learning institutions. The content may be adapted, customized, remixed, and shared for educational use. Content may not be distributed, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose, commercial advantage, or private monetary compensation.

If you distribute, publicly perform, display, transmit, publish, or otherwise make available any of the resources or any derivative works thereof, you must attribute the material you use back to the teaching resources, but not in any way that suggests Google, any of its affiliates, or any of its third-party content providers endorse you or your use of such materials. If you adapt, remix, or customize the teaching resources please include the following text on each edited slide: “The original content was provided by Google LLC and modified for the purpose of the course, without input or endorsement from Google LLC.”

You are free to adapt and remix the materials in the Google Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum. You can create and add in any materials that will enable you to teach your course.

If you don’t find what you need, you may submit a request to the Google Cloud Education team at CloudEduTeaching@google.com. We will review and consider publishing it with a future version of the curriculum.

This content has been developed for a general student audience and may not be directly aligned to your course syllabus. We encourage you to modify and customize it to fit the needs of your courses and curriculum.

However, if you see any corrections on the slides that need to be made, you can email support@qwiklabs.com. Preface the subject line with "Google Cloud Teaching Resources: Google Cloud Foundations."

We expect to refresh the content every quarter and will incorporate changes in order of priority with any subsequent versions of the course.

To troubleshoot Google Cloud Skills Boost problems, first check out the Google Cloud Skills Boost FAQ for information about troubleshooting topics.

To report a problem with the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform or a specific lab, email support@qwiklabs.com (preface the subject line with "Google Cloud Teaching Resources: Google Cloud Foundations").

Alternatively you can also log onto cloudskillsboost.google and use the chat functionality for assistance. Select Google Cloud EDU Program under the Department dropdown menu.

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