Google Cloud Platform free credits for teaching and research in higher education.

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Whether your focus is research, teaching or entrepreneurship, you can use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to go farther, faster. GCP is a suite of cloud solutions for storage, compute, big data, and machine learning. Apply now for free credits towards any GCP products for your teaching or academic research needs.

Faculty Grants

Prepare Your Students for Cloud Computing

Give students the ability to learn on the leading cloud platform. On Google Cloud Platform, students will find all the tools necessary to build a wide range of applications and have access to the same infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning that Google uses.

Free Credits

University faculty can apply for Google Cloud Platform Education Grants for their computer science courses. Approved applicants will receive a grant for free credits which their teaching staff and students can use on any Google Cloud Platform product.

Documentation for Professors and Students

Along with credits, this program hosts a group of faculty using the program and will provide a curated set of resources designed to help students and faculty use Google Cloud Platform products effectively in computer science curricula. Explore more in the Training and Resource Center.

Big Data and Machine Learning Tools

With Education Grants, faculty, teaching staff and students will receive free credits that they can use on any Google Cloud Platform product. Faculty, teaching staff and students in mobile development courses can start coding their apps immediately on Google App Engine and scale without the headache of managing servers. Vision API and Translation API provide straightforward examples for machine learning lessons while BigQuery allows students to explore the challenges of working with large data sets. Google Cloud Platform can be used in courses covering Networking, Cyber Security, System Administration, and more.


Faculty can apply for Education Grants for computer science courses meeting the following criteria:

United States: Teachers and faculty at universities that are regionally accredited, teaching computer science or other related courses.
International: Teachers and faculty at higher learning institutions and universities that can award degrees teaching computer science or other related courses and located in these countries.
Program FAQs are here.

If you are not a faculty member, or you are a faculty member in a country not listed above, you can still express interest. Opt in for communications from us and we'll send you information about other credit programs and news from Google Cloud Platform.

Please note that grants are made at Google's discretion. Google reserves the right to not grant credits and change the criteria for granting credits at any time.

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Research Credits

Speed up your research with Google Cloud Platform

The GCP research credits program can help you move from bold ideas to breakthrough discoveries in a fraction of the time. With free credits for Google Cloud Platform, you will have access to the power and flexibility needed to advance your research and scale with ease.

Free Credits

Researchers can apply for GCP research credits to power scientific workloads. Academic researchers in qualified regions are encouraged to apply. Approved applicants will receive free credits towards any Google Cloud Platform products for academic research workloads.

Examples from Universities

See how researchers are using Google Cloud Platform to model the spread of Zika, leverage the power of big data to solve climate change, and process hundreds of genomes in minutes.

“The ability to compute scalably on so much data will allow us to ask questions that we cannot ask now. There are going to be major scientific discoveries enabled by this.”

Ryan Abernathey
Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
Ocean and Climate Physics at Columbia University


To apply for GCP research credits, academic researchers must meet the following criteria:

1. Applicant is a faculty member at an accredited education institution within these countries.
2. Application is complete with one-page proposal

Review GCP research credits program FAQ. Please note that grants are made at Google's discretion. Google reserves the right to not grant credits and change the criteria for granting credits at any time.

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