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Work better together with cloud-based content collaboration, file sharing, and storage.

Enterprise content management

Improve teamwork and productivity with Drive Enterprise — Google’s cloud-based content management platform. Drive Enterprise’s Google-grade security, artificial intelligence, and real-time collaboration make it a modern alternative to legacy ECMs. Plus, easily migrate and keep working with existing third-party tools like Microsoft Office.

$8 per active user/month + $0.04 per GB/month and includes Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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Keep using the tools you know — including Microsoft Office

Make adoption seamless with Drive Enterprise’s third-party tool compatibility. Open and comment on 60+ file types, including Microsoft Office files, right from the web or app. Know who’s actively editing static files to prevent document conflicts and version overrides. Drive Enterprise also works with popular enterprise tools like Slack and Salesforce.

Protect your content with Google-grade security

Keep company content secure while making it easy for teams to access the files they need. Prevent users from sharing sensitive files with people outside your organization with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which scans for sensitive information and alerts your admin. Archive corporate data for legal audits with Vault. And with Team Drives, you can control group-level permissions and access to files.

Save time with built-in AI

Connect users to the content they’re looking for with built-in AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Features like Quick Access cut time spent searching for files by 50%. Drive Enterprise ML-enabled search surfaces the most relevant content based on frequent collaborators, meeting occurrences, and commonly shared files — making your users more productive.

Collaborate on a modern content management platform

Securely access content anywhere with cloud-based storage. Easily share files, request approvals, track versions, and apply metadata categories (limited release) to find files faster. Drive Enterprise centralizes files in the cloud, preventing company data from being compromised or lost. And with Docs, Sheets, and Slides, teams can work together from anywhere on any device.

Migrate easily to the cloud with Drive Enterprise

Use our partner migration tools and services to move business data from your current storage solution to Drive Enterprise.


Two ways to get Drive

Drive Enterprise

Cloud-based content collaboration offered separately from G Suite.


G Suite

Productivity suite that includes Drive plus Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.

$8 per active user/month + $0.04 per GB/month (see pricing details) $10–$25 per user/month (see pricing details)
No storage limits No storage limits (unless fewer than 5 users, then 1 TB per user)
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
Privacy Shield certified Privacy Shield certified
Data processing commitments Data processing commitments
24/7 phone and email support 24/7 phone and email support
Security, privacy, and compliance controls Security, privacy, and compliance controls
Company-wide user management Company-wide user management
Centralized admin console Centralized admin console
Audit and reporting Audit and reporting
Vault for eDiscovery covering Drive files Vault for eDiscovery covering Drive files, Gmail, and Hangouts Chat
Data loss prevention for Drive Data loss prevention for Drive and Gmail
Business email through Gmail
Shared calendars
Video and voice conferencing
Secure team messaging

Drive Enterprise pricing

Only pay for active users and storage used per month.

Active users per month

An “Active User” signs in to Drive Enterprise at least once during the month or has had data synchronized to/from Drive Enterprise at least once during the Fee Accrual Period*.

$8.00 per active user per month
Storage usage

The amount of storage used is measured in gigabytes per month across your entire domain.

$0.04 per GB per month

*The “Fee Accrual Period” means the period of time beginning the first day of the previous calendar month and ending on the last day of that month. Google's measurement of Customer’s use of the Services is final.

Potential savings

The majority of users store less than 200 GB and may experience more value from Drive Enterprise’s pricing model.

Example pricing comparison*

Drive Enterprise

Only pay for active users plus storage.**


Pay for all employees, whether or not they are active users.

Total cost per month: Total cost per month:

($560 active users + $140 GB usage)

30%–80% savings

$10 x 100 employees


$35 x 100 employees

*All prices are in US Dollars; example competitor prices are based on published list prices for alternative offerings.
**Drive Enterprise example assumes 70% of 100 employees are actively storing 50 GB per month.

I keep all my files in Drive and there’s one file version for each document. I never worry about finding a document. Everything’s in Drive, I can access it anywhere, and that’s been revolutionary.

Andy White, Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering, Salesforce


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