Cloud DLP pricing

This page provides pricing information for Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Prices on this page are listed in US dollars (USD).

The Cloud DLP charges for usage based on the following price sheet. At the end of each billing cycle, a bill is generated that lists the usage and charges for that cycle. Prices on this page are listed in US dollars (USD).

You can use the Google Cloud pricing calculator to estimate Cloud DLP costs based on type and quantity of content scanned.

Inspection and transformation pricing

Cloud DLP provides a set of features for inspecting and transforming data. Across these scenarios, you pay only for what you use, with no upfront commitments. Cloud DLP supports the features summarized in the following table:

Feature Description
Inspection with built-in infoType detectors Each built-in classifier detects a different data element such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and more.
Inspection with custom infoType detectors Allows custom defined dictionary to classify new elements or augment predefined infoTypes.
Image redaction Extracts text from images, classifies this text, and generates a new image with rectangular boxes masking any findings.
De-identification Transforms tabular or free-text data to mask, redact, or obfuscate by column, record, or infoType finding.

The methods for which Cloud DLP bills directly are listed in the following table, along with which types of charges each method may be billed for:

API method Content inspection Content transformation
projects.image.redact Yes No
projects.content.inspect Yes No
projects.content.deidentify Yes Yes
projects.content.reidentify Yes Yes

Cloud DLP content method pricing is billed based on bytes inspected or transformed according to the following schedule:

Content inspection method pricing

Content data inspected per month Price per GB
Up to 1 GB Free
Over 1 GB $3.00
Over 1 TB $2.00

Content transformation method pricing

Content data transformed per month Price per GB
Up to 1 GB Free
Over 1 GB $2.00
Over 1 TB $1.00

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

In addition to the billing charges directly incurred by the Cloud DLP, requests that are configured to invoke other Google Cloud products may result in their own billing charges. For example, the projects.content.inspect method may incur Cloud Storage charges if directed to inspect Cloud Storage objects.

Sometimes a method that can result in billing for inspection does not actually cause any inspection charges. This is the case for the projects.content.deidentify and projects.content.reidentify methods when transformation is configured but inspection is not. The same applies to transformation when only inspection is configured.

Simple redaction, which includes the RedactConfig and ReplaceWithInfoTypeConfig transformations, is not counted against the number of bytes transformed.

Example pricing scenarios

This section contains several example Cloud DLP usage scenarios, along with pricing calculations for each.

Scenario 1: Structured data inspection and transformation

Suppose you have just over 1 GB of structured (tabular) data. You stream it to the DLP API, instructing Cloud DLP in the request to inspect for 50 different built-in infoType detectors, and to de-identify any matches it finds by using a cryptographic tokenization transformation. After performing the de-identification operation, you note that Cloud DLP has matched on and transformed around 1% of the data, or around 10 MB.


  • Inspection: 1 GB of data × $3.00 per GB = $3.00
  • Transformation: 0.01 GB × $2.00 per GB = $0.02
  • Total: $3.02

Scenario 2: Structured data transformation only

Suppose you have a 1 GB table and want to transform three columns (user_id, email, phone_number) using a cryptographic tokenization transformation. The three columns represent about 30% of the table. Because you're specifying entire columns to transform, no inspection is necessary.


  • Inspection: 0 GB of data = $0.00
  • Transformation: 0.3 GB of data × $2.00 per GB = $0.60
  • Total: $0.60

Scenario 3: Storage repository inspection

Suppose you have 1,000 BigQuery tables that you want to inspect. Each table is around 1 GB in size, making the total size of the data 1 TB. Not wanting or needing to scan the entirety of every table, you've turned on sampling so that just 1,000 rows of each table is scanned. Each row is roughly 10 KB in size.


  • Data to inspect: 1,000 tables × 1,000 rows per table × 10 KB per row = 10 GB total scanned
  • Total: 10 GB × $3.00 per GB = $30.00

Risk analysis

Risk analysis uses resources in BigQuery and charges will appear as BigQuery usage. Cloud DLP does not add any additional charges for risk analysis.

Risk analysis jobs are created using the projects.dlpJobs.create method with the following configuration objects:

Controlling costs

Depending on the quantity of information that you instruct the Cloud DLP to scan, it is possible for costs to become prohibitively high. To learn several methods that you can use to keep costs down while also ensuring that you're using the Cloud DLP to scan the exact data that you intend to, see Keeping Cloud DLP costs under control.

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