Known issues

This page lists known issues with Cloud DLP, along with ways you can avoid or recover from these issues.

BigQuery scanning

Tables larger than 1 terabyte may cause quota issues

DlpJobs scanning tables larger than 1 terabyte are exhausting TableDataService.List quota from BigQuery and may harm other workflows, including Dataflow, running concurrently with the DlpJob.

Save findings to BigQuery does not populate row_number

The location.content_locations.record_location.record_key.big_query_key.row_number field with the generated BigQuery table is inferred at the time the table was scanned. Its value is nondeterministic, cannot be queried, and may be null for inspection jobs.

If you need to identify specific rows where findings are present, specify inspectJob.storageConfig.bigQueryOptions.identifyingFields at job creation time.

Identifying fields can be found in the generated BigQuery table under location.content_locations.record_location.record_key.id_values.

Intelligent Document Parsing

DocumentLocation is not being populated

The location.content_locations.document_location.file_offset field is not being populated for Intelligent Document Parsing scanning mode.